Welcome to the inspired art of Richard Earl Thompson “Nature’s Preservationist in Paint” ™ his personal love affair with nature is revealed in paint bringing forward the truth and beauty of God’s creation.

Skilled in the impressionist technique of oil painting, his art is a mature approach to painting; no tricks, no gimmicks, just pure expression inspired by the Creator. The spirit of his art makes us stop and take a look at the quiet beauty that surrounds us…….renewing our soul.

The Richard Thompson Gallery operated from 1977 to 1994 when it closed due to the death of Richard Earl Thompson in 1991.

We are pleased to see a new Gallery established which opened in late 2002 by the artists grandson Gregory Thompson . We invite you to visit the Thompson Gallery in Raleigh, NC.

To own one of his collectible original oil paintings, canvas replicas or limited edition prints is one of life’s enduring pleasures. We invite you to visit the Thompson Gallery located in beautiful Raleigh, NC